Sunday, 31 January 2010

Twitter Tools | Twitcleaner

One of the things that you will find on this blog are reports on some neat Twitter Tools that will help free up your time spent on this highly-addictive social networking platform.

I just heard about this tool today - twit cleaner

For me, being on Twitter isn't about having thousands of followers, but in having good quality followers and following high quality twitterers in return.  It's really time-consuming to keep track of who is tweeting what content and twitcleaner provides you with an almost instantaneous report that shows you:

> Who is posting nothing but links
> People who haven't posted for AGES
> Accounts that ignore you
        > folks with fewer than 10 tweets
        > folks that don't interact with anyone
        > folks that hardly follow anyone

Twitcleaner allows you to unfollow any of these groups of people. You can also select individuals to unfollow. By clicking on the individual icons in your Report you can 'save' those followers and they won't form part of your 'unfollow' clean up.

This will save you hours of trawling through your followers.

Ali x

Friday, 29 January 2010

TABI News | 2010 Conference | 24/25 July, Birmingham UK

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July, Aston Conference Centre - Birmingham. Our Conference will take place in the Aston Business School.

Conference Aston is Located just off Junction 6 on the M6, 25 minutes drive from Birmingham International Airport and 15 minutes walk from New Street Station, Conference Aston offers a convenient and accessible location in the heart of vibrant and cosmopolitan Birmingham for your delegates travelling by road, rail or air. < from their website.

Bed and Breakfast is at £66.50 per night.

You do not have to stay at Aston to enjoy the fun. The Conference Centre is in the middle of Birmingham - you can make your own accommodation arrangements elsewhere if you'd prefer. Aston has accommodation to suit all ranges of mobility - be sure to tell them if you have special requirements.

Dinner is £21 - not including drink. Please check out the website details. Again you will book dinner at the same time as you book your accommodation. Dinner on the Saturday night will be at a specified time. Probably about 7pm. I believe that you can even book dinner here even if your accommodation is elsewhere. You will need to give details of any special dietary requirements.

Don't want to dine here? There are oodles of great restaurants in Brum, so feel free to organise diner elsewhere, if that better suits your pocket.

Friday evening - informal session in the bar 'My favourite thing about Tarot'. Can be your favourite deck (bring it along to show it off!), a spread, a technique, a book, an author, a shop, a forum - let's share our favourite Tarot stuff.

note - I will be posting back here with full details of the various sessions as the details emerge - so check back here regularly!


Registration 9.30 - 9.55 (welcome coffee etc)

Emily Carding 10 - 12 (15 min break for coffee/cakes etc) Emily hopes to provide a workshop based on her Transparent Tarot and Transparent Oracle and attendees will have an opportunity to apply their new knowledge.

About Emily: Emily Carding is the author and artist behind The Tarot of the Sidhe, The Transparent Oracle and the internationally acclaimed Transparent Tarot. She has been reading Tarot since 1997, when she bought her first deck, John and Caitlin Matthews’ Arthurian Tarot. Her interest in Tarot lies in the mystical nature of symbology and the power of images to unlock the subconscious, but is also fascinated by its usefulness as a tool for divination.

Her visionary art has also appeared in magazines and on book covers, and she has contributed essays to various anthologies on esoteric themes, including Both Sides of Heaven and From a Drop of Water from Avalonia Books.
Future projects include an illustrated children’s book and several collaborations with other well-known authors. She is currently working on the Neverland Tarot and a series of paintings inspired by the Qabalah.

Emily lives in the inspirational landscape of Cornwall with her husband, daughter and Albus Dumbledog.

Lunch 12 - 1pm - lunch is a fork buffet, proper sit down stuff :-) - 3 courses (I think)

Mick Frankel 1.10 - 3.00 - Tarot and Hebrew. Over the past year, Mick has created a course that helps with the Tarot/Hebrew link - there will also be a smattering of Astrology - to keep his die-hard fans happy!

(coffee break)

Barbara Moore 3 - 5pm - Knowledgeable and approachable, Barbara Moore has written many books for Llewellyn. See here for full biog Full details to follow

Saturday evening - in the bar - TABI auction and raffle, plus fiendish Tarot Quiz and general relaxation.


Coffee and buns: 9.30am

Paul Hughes Barlow 10 - 12 (15 minute break - coffee etc) Paul and TABI member Catherine Chapman have recently published a fantastic new book about the Celtic Cross spread. Paul will be showing you the techniques covered in this new book - plus there will be an opportunity to buy Beyond The Celtic Cross and Paul's previous book Tarot and The Magus (both of which are excellent - Ali x)

12 - 1pm - lunch - same quality as Saturday's lunch

1 - 3pm Barbara Moore (15 minute coffee) - session details to follow ;-)

Finish :-)

You book your accommodation direct with Aston Conference Centre on
0121 204 3726 (note this is a new number)

OK - so I've given you the price of the accommodation, breakfast and dinner....but what's the price of the actual Conference?!

For TABI Members, for both days, including lunch, the Conference is £120.00 (£60 per day - you may come for a single day if you prefer)

For early bird TABI Member bookers - for bookings made by 30 April a 10% discount will apply - so you'd get £12.00 off the Conference price

(accommodation and dinner are not affected by the discount)

for non TABI members - the price for the 2 days is £130.00 (£65 per day. You may come for a single day if you prefer) and an early bird discount also applies - £10 off for bookings made by 30 April.

Places limited to 50

Accommodation and dinner - payment directly to Aston
Conference - payment directly to TABI

Xara will work out a way whereby you can pay the Conference part in installments to TABI.

Cancellations - see Aston Conference Centre for their cancellation terms for accommodation and dinner.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something really important, but can't think what it is......I'll post session details shortly ;-)

If anyone wants to ask anything about the Conference - and you are a member - check out the forum page. If you're not a member, but still fancy coming along to meet some like-minded people and to have a great Tarot-soaked weekend, please just post here or e-mail me.  See the top of the blog for e-mail details.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Technique: Missing Cards

This posting was first written for Douglas Gibb's blog, Taroteon. Incidentally, his blog is a brilliant resource for Tarotists - nip over and subscribe yourself to it. Follow Doug on Twitter: @Taroteon.

But hey....remember and come back here!

On 27 January, I was fortunate enough to be invited on to the Knight's Temple section of Michele Knight's forums to do a video presentation to her members who are interested in Tarot. I promised the attendees that I would magic-up the content to a blog for them to read at their leisure - so here it is.

I haven't managed to come up with a snappy title for this technique yet; I just call it Missing Cards.

Discover Hidden Depths Within Your Tarot readings

As Tarotists, what do we focus on when we read for our sitters? Speaking from my own experience, I focus on providing a flowing narrative based on the cards in front of me. At all times, I aim to provide accessible, meaningful interpretations of the cards in the spread for my sitter so that by the time they leave, the sitter has a greater understanding of their situation.

However, for the last few years, I’ve been using another useful technique and one, hopefully, help add depth to your readings too.

Focus On The Cards That Aren’t There

I know, it sounds a bit bizarre, but when I explain when and how to implement this tip, it will make perfect sense. I hope.

When we provide a reading, think of it as an ice-berg (thanks to taroteon for the mental image!) The cards that are present in the reading are the portion of the iceberg that we can see, and under the surface are millions of intuitive connections all pinging into place. This technique will add to those little pings! :-)

The time to use it is when you are nearing the end of your reading and you are in the summary stage. At the point where you don’t need to refer to the layout of the spread any more, simply take the spread cards – and this technique works for large spreads and small ones too – and flip them into Majors and suit piles.

A balanced reading will be one that contains a smattering of Major Arcana readings and some cards from each of the Minor suits. What you will tend to find is that there are inequalities in the piles – perhaps a surfeit of Swords; perhaps no Wands, perhaps no Majors.

You can point out these imbalances to your sitter – an excess of a particular suit may indicate an over reliance on that suit’s qualities. To extend the above example – lots of Swords might indicate an over reliance on the mental faculties; the sitter trying to solve the problem inside their head; over-thinking a situation.

For me the really interesting part is where you look at what is missing or low in quantity. This ‘missing’ technique indicates areas of weakness in the client’s approach to solving the problem/handling the issue.

To get you started, here are the associations that I use for the suits when they are missing or only present in small amounts in a reading.

* Swords – the client is not engaging their natural mental abilities for some reason (perhaps the suit that shows a surfeit might explain why)
* Cups – the client is not allowing their emotional seat or any significant emotional input into solving the issue.
* Pentacles – the client lacks grounding. Again, refer to the suits that appear in excess to perhaps explain this.
* Wands – the client is not taking action or being as expansive/outward looking as they could be regarding the situation.

For the areas that are weak or missing altogether from the reading, you can suggest incorporating some of these low energies into your sitter’s life to help bring in a better balance.

* Swords: your client would benefit from engaging more with his/her rational side. THINK more.
* Wands: your client would benefit from being more pro-active and outward looking. DO more.
* Cups: your client would benefit from allowing/acknowledging greater emotional input. FEEL more.
* Pentacles: your client would benefit from grounding activities. BE PRESENT more.

It is vital to remember that you are not telling your client what decision to make here. You are, however, encouraging them to draw upon their other natural resources so that when they do make a decision, it is from the most balanced position available to them.

I have found it useful to develop a short mental list on suggested ways on how they can introduce those missing or weak energies into their lives – just as a fall-back resource for yourself. For example – someone with lots of Swords and few Pentacles might be encouraged to get ‘out of their head’ and into their bodies by undertaking something that really grounds them – gardening, meditation, walking in the park…. you get the idea. Get your client to suggest activities?

I’ve focused purely on the suits and their appearance or non-appearance. However, you can, if you wish, gather the cards together and flip them into number piles and gain an additional dimension….are all the twos present bar one? What might that missing two bring to the client’s table? Can they see a way to introduce that missing energy in a helpful way? What about a missing Queen? What could she bring if her energies were adopted?

If it transpires that your sitter has loads of Majors and hardly any minors – what might that mean? Is there one suit that is completely missing? How might the introduction of those energies help your client.

I hope that this blog post has now got you buzzing with the possibilities of this technique into your own reading style. Good luck!

Day 1 of the new blog!

Well, here we are, as promised - the TABI blog ;-)

I'm just wandering around the Blogger rooms, getting a feel for the software....peering in cupboards and discovering nifty little widgets that can be added in.

But first things first.

If you have no idea what @TABItarot is, it's the Twitter for the Tarot Association of The British Isles, or TABI for short. I do the twittering. Most of it is Tarot, but some of it is personal musings about all sorts of random stuff.

And that will probably apply to the blog too.

Put simply, I just don't have the time to do a personal twitter and a personal blog AND do them for TABI too.

What will we have here?

> Articles from back issues of our members-only e-zine
> TABI news/chat
> Articles from prominent Tarot people
> Some ramblings from me personally

What else could we have here, I'd love to hear your suggestions - so get 'em listed in the comments bit and I'll see what I can do for you. do I get it to link to Twitter........