Friday, 18 June 2010

Chloe McCracken | Tarot and Yoga - Unlikely Bedfellows?

I was asked recently why yoga and tarot work together?  Although they are both things I feel passionate about and have been practising for a number of years, I hadn't really articulated how or why I think they go together.  Certainly, any number of people from either field may object to the linkage, but for me they are both a daily part of my life and my belief system.

I love the physical practice of yoga asana, the breath, the sweat, the strength and flexibility I have developed.  However, the spiritual aspect of it is largely left to one side in many classes.  And where it is included, it sometimes falls into what I've taken to calling the "yogier than thou" attitude. 

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Theresa Reed | Creating a Healthy Tarot Community

I am delighted to announce another guest post for TABI's blog! This time from Theresa Reed, aka @thetarotlady on Twitter.  As ever, your comments and thoughts are very welcome!  Sincere thanks to Theresa for taking the time to write this blog for us!

When TABI asked me to write a post, I mulled it over for a long time. I struggled to figure out what I could write that would be a positive contribution to the tarot community.  And that is when I started meditating on what “community” actually meant to me.