Thursday, 15 July 2010

Will Worthington | The Shaman | Ebay Auction!

Will Worthington, the artist of the best-selling DruidCraft Tarot, Druid Animal Oracle, Druid Plant Oracle and Green Man Tree Oracle.....and the forthcoming Wildwood Tarot....has donated this original painting for auction to the Tarot Association of The British Isles.

We are auctioning the image off on ebay and we hope very much that YOU might like to bid on it!  This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of original Tarot art by an award-winning artist - so please take a look at our auction :-)

The painting measures 14.5cm wide by 24 cm tall and is presented in a soft olive green mount.  The overall size of the item is 23cm wide by 33cm tall.

The image is of The Shaman and is the ORIGINAL painting by Will for the soon-to-be-released Wildwood Tarot, created in conjunction with Mark Ryan (Greenwood Tarot) and John Matthews (Grail Tarot, Shaman's Oracle, Green Man Tree Oracle etc).

The Shaman is one of the Major Arcana characters in The Wildwood Tarot and this auction offers a very rare opportunity to own an original painting by Will Worthington.  Mr Worthington required to make some changes to the imagery in The Shaman, and, rather than rework his original painting, he has completely repainted the image - with the newly required subtle changes.  Mr Worthington kindly donated the original image of The Shaman to TABI to help raise funds for our 2011 Tarot Conference (where we will be celebrating our 10th birthday!)

On the rear of the painting Will has written:

Original painting
For the WildWood Tarot
By John Matthews and Mark Ryan
Illustrated by W Worthington
This painting was rejected due to minor details

The painting has a glyph signature on the front and Will has signed the statement on the reverse.

Please note that postage costs include insurance up to the value of £500 on this item.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Devil | The Maroon Tarot

The Devil - Maroon Tarot
Testing the whipping winds for the irresistible scents of weakness and selfloathing The Devil stands: waiting and watching our distant cities, our civilisation. The shaggy, goat-faced ancient relic has no place here.

Our Devil goes pantomime. From the billowing scarlet cloak to the tips of his horns and tail - he dresses in symbols that we recognise.

But...Do we fear him?  Who fears the villain who preens dramatically amidst the massed boos and hisses of giggling crowds? 'Not me!' you shout to the bright stage. 'Not me!'

But he knows. You do.