Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Wildwood Tarot

*pssst* come close, I've got something to tell you....

Take a look at the little slide show that previews the forthcoming Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington, John Matthews and Mark Ryan.

Have three better Tarot pedigrees ever collaborated on a deck? I don't think so!

The deck will be published later in the Spring by Edison-Sadd and distributed in the UK by Connections, the same company that distributes the ever popular DruidCraft Tarot (also illustrated by Will Worthington).

The deck will be available to pre-order directly from Will Worthington's website, as the slideshow indicates, but the website is not quite ready yet to take the orders - so please revisit after the weekend!

The RRP for this deck, on Will's website, will be £17.99, plus postage and packing. Ordering direct from the artist ensures that all money goes directly to one of the hard-workers who created the deck. However, Will's website will also have a link through to Amazon where you can buy at their discounted rate - so plenty of choice!

If buying from Will's website, the 78-card deck and its 160-page accompanying book will be shipped with an image of The Queen of Bows, signed by Will for you to keep.

Ali Cross