Thursday, 15 March 2012

Temple of Messages

Today we meet Hawk from the Temple of Balance Oracle Cards (©Lee-Anne Peters).

For me, this card's caption fits perfectly with my associations to the bird depicted.  Eagle-eyed, with a perspective that allows an oversight of any situation, and bringing messages from spirit, Hawk flies high, then dives down to share experience and whispers from around the world and from the spirit realm.

The message for today, then, is to pay attention to everything around us, and to be open to spirit speaking to us.  This makes me think of the wonderful spiritual mountain walks which Emma Sunnerton-Burl organises.  If anyone is lucky enough to be in Wales...  However, even if we can't be led by someone to explore nature, perhaps we can take the time to listen to spirit in our own way, whatever that may be.

Can you make time today to go into nature (be it out in the wilds, or just in your local park) to listen to spirit?  How can you best hear messages from spirit today?  What situation do you need advice on?  What does your heart tell you?

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