Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alphabet of Nonsense

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
It's fascinating, how different my intuitive take on some of the images in the Alphabet for Lovers is to the subtitles the author has given them!

Today's card, for instance, is subtitled: "Pettiness and dealing with nonsense."  It is number 29, associated with the letter Yod, as was yesterday's card.  In it, we see a man and a woman both diligently working on something floating between them.  There is a candle at the top, which the woman may have just lit, and under it an orange, egg-shaped structure, which the man appears to be peeling open.

My first response to this card was quite positive.  These people are different (they're not wearing matching outfits) and yet they are able to work together, in harmony.  However, the companion book suggests that the couple are overly focused on petty details, rather than seeing the big picture.  Additionally, it suggests taking on things which are none of your business - perhaps it is the woman's candle, and the man is undermining her efforts.  So, a card which allows for many different perspectives!

Today, are you working in harmony?  Or are you getting trapped in the details?

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