Thursday, 28 February 2013

Simply Harvesting

©Bayless & Battersby
Today's card from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) is a little unusual, biologically speaking.

A female figure stands, watering can at her feet, tending a vine that curves up and around a stake in the ground.  The vine is one of three we can clearly see, with a fourth implied by a further stake.  Each vine appears to have two big yellow fruits/coins, one at the base and one further up the plant.  They appear too heavy to be held up by such a flimsy vine, the first biological improbability.  Secondly, the vines also have pink flowers in bloom, rather unusual in a plant with ripe fruit on it.  There is a further fruit/coin (bringing us up to seven) in a basket between the rows of stakes, suggesting that it is time to harvest.

It's funny, because I normally associate the Seven of Pentacles with still having plenty of work to do before we can reap the fruits of our labour, rather than with harvest time.  And yet, this woman is still tending the vines, despite their bounty of coins.  It's also true that, even once we have picked fruit (an often back-breaking job, in itself), our work is not yet over.  At the very least, we have to carry the harvest home and wash it.  Sometimes, we may cook or preserve it in some fashion.  So, I guess I can still see the idea of needing to put in time and effort before being able to enjoy the rewards these bring.  And the card also speaks of the work already put in, the time already waited.  In that sense, it allows us to speak of either/both the past and future, an interesting option...

My eye is drawn to the shoot which curls around the woman's arm, almost as though the vine is laying claim to her.  This is probably true: what we put energy into is ours in some ways, and yet we are also possessed by the things that we nurture. 

What have you been tending?  What harvest do you hope to reap?  What do you still need to do?  What price do you pay, besides the work you put in?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Simply Walking

©Bayliss & Battersby
Today's card from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) is another that caught my eye when I first went through the deck.

A woman strides in a very determined manner across spilled and stagnant cups.  In front of her, a stone staircase starts part way up a rock face so that, without the cups beneath her, she would have had trouble reaching it.  Her hair is bright red, and she wears pink, beribboned boots, which seem far too playful for her somewhat ferocious expression.

My sense of this card is one of using difficult emotional experiences from the past to help us move onward and upward.  There is also determination here, we will find something better in life. 

What emotional path are you on?  What could help you move forward?  Can you be joyful on the journey?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Simply Kingly

©Bayliss & Battersby
My, today's card from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) is rather imposing!

Here we meet the King if Swords, and it doesn't look like he's in a great mood.  His blue eyes glare out at us, as he leans forward.  In his left hand he holds a sword hilt, with two crossed  plumed quills, one black and one white.  His other hand holds what may be the arm of his throne, or else some kind of seal of office.  His face is craggy, his body well-muscles, the only softness is the little bird on the brow of his crown.

Someone strong and determined, then, sure of their own point of view.  And yet, also someone who can hold in mind different perspectives and express themselves with tact, when they choose.

What decisions do you need to make today?  What would help you get a balanced perspective?  Where might you be called on to be diplomatic?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Simply Fire

©Bayliss & Battersby
After the calm of yesterday's Hanged Man, today the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) shows us a rather different face.

Here we have a very fiey Eight of Wands!  A hand of what seems to be elemental fire reaches up, pointing the way, or perhaps magically guiding the eight wands.  These glow like red embers at their front tips, and emit flaming trails at the back as they shoot skyward.  What a sense of power and motion, yet there is also a sense that they won't just fizzle out: those embers will stay warm for their entire flight.

It's interesting, the variations that appear in the Eight of Wands.  Sometimes the wands are pointing upward, setting out on their journey, sometimes they seem headed for a sudden landing.  Sometimes they are simply flying, other times we see them being launched.  And even then, are they launched by the hands of a person, or by something more elemental, as is the case here?  And what does this mean to us? 

It seems that things are in motion, but we may not be in control.  And yet, it is perhaps our passion driving things forward, and the bright glow of the wands suggests this is no passing fancy.

What in your life is moving?  Do you feel in control of what is going on?  How can you keep your impetus going?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Simply Hanging

©Bayliss & Battersby
For our second day with the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012), we have another card I really like.

There is such a happy-go-lucky feel to this Hanged Man, such playful colours.  Our Hanged Man dangles by his knees from a swing, arms tucked behind his back and hair dangling down as he sways.  As for the swing, it is held aloft by a blue, six-petaled flower that seems to spin  and create lift.  The swing is held to the flower by a couple of vines.  Yet despite this weird position, the man looks perfectly calm, at peace with where he is. 

With the airborn flower holding him up, there is less of a sense of total lack of movement than I normally associate with this card.  However, the feeling of having sacrificed control is still there - he is along for the ride, but has no say in where the winds take him. 

What is there in your life today that you cannot change or influence?  How can you find a little peace, no matter the circumstances?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Simply Work

©Bayliss & Battersby
This week, I'll be drawing from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012).  This deck is by Chanel Bayliss and James Battersby, the team that created A King's Journey Tarot (self-published, 2010).  I wasn't sure whether I'd like this second, less innovative, deck as much, and hummed and haahed about getting it.  However, when I heard TABI had a review copy up for grabs, I didn't hesitate (review will appear in the Spring Ezine).  And I'm very glad, now, that I went for it!

When I first looked through this deck, I decided to try picking out my favourite card from each section of the pack.  And this was the card I chose as my favourite Minor, only to have it appear as my first daily draw :)

A man hangs suspended by a green ribbon, his feet resting on a cog as he chisels at a rock.  He is a craftsman, creating a statue of a happy family.  He is helped by a squirrel, a hamster (or maybe a guinea pig), a mouse and a blue bird, who drive the cogs and hold the ribbon that support him.  There are also four butterflies holding up the plan of what the stone should be transformed into.  Looking more closely, the craftsman doesn't look terribly happy with his lot, perhaps because of his precarious position.  Still, if you have to work in tough conditions, it's good to know you have a supportive team behind you!

What transformation are you crafting in your life?  Who can you rely on for support?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Complete Cat

©Fairchild & Paschkis
We end this week drawing from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002) with the Seven of Wands.

I have been thoroughly charmed by this deck's colourful yet minimalist approach!  Today's card is no exception.  Here we have a ginger cat, fur standing on end as seven wands bear down on him (all gingers are male). 

He looks decidedly grumpy about this state of affairs, understandably enough.  And yet, perhaps his grumpiness or other bad habits are part of what has got him into this situation in the first place...

Is there some area of your life where you feel under attack?  How might you contribute to resolving the situation?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Complete Lovers

©Fairchild & Paschkis
On this Thursday, we have the delightful Lovers card from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).

A naked man and woman are pressed together, their "rude bits" covered by a flowering vine that twines around them.  Strangely enough, there appears to be a pink, four-petaled flower, a sunflower and some grapes, all growing from the same vine!  There is also a small, pink butterfly by the man's side, and a huge, blue butterfly to the woman's right. 

Passion, gender roles and a transformation towards wholeness are what I see in this card :)

What do you love?  How can you move a step closer to wholeness today?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Complete Ace

©Fairchild & Paschkis
Another Pentacle card follows on from yesterday's Page. Today, the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002) shares the Ace of Pentacles with us.

A large, red-and-gold Pentacle is held out by a hand that reaches in from the right side of the card.  Nine flowers seem to float around the Pentacle and hand.  There is also a green vine, with five little green leaves, which twines around the wrist of the hand, just in front of a purple cuff.

It's interesting, this card makes me realise how very often the "hands" in the aces (if they exist) reach either from the left or from below.  Reaching in from the right somehow seems very strange.  Given that there is often an association of the right with the future, perhaps this suggests that a gift on the material plane is coming, rather than already being available... 

This card feels delightfully growthful and happy!  There is wisdom to be gained here, even if what we receive or learn is something physical or material.  If we start on a new diet, it will affect our soul as well as our body.  If we do some new exercise programme, we will find it touches our heart, as well as our muscles.

What new start can you make today?  How would you like to grow? 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Complete Page

©Fairchild & Paschkis
Another Court card comes out to play today from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).

Here we have a very sweet Page of Pentacles. He holds a huge key in his right hand, and seems to dance along a strawberry vine with three big berries.  His suit is shown by the big Pentacle at his waist, less a belt buckle than a cummerbund!  He has bright red cheeks, and seems to look off to the right, smiling gently.

He looks like he wants to open up the world, explore and enjoy everything he comes in contact with.  Which is a pretty good description of the Page of Pentacles, I think :)

What new experiences might you unlock today?  In what ways can you use your senses?  And what will keep you centred?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Complete Queen

©Fairchild & Paschkis
On this Monday morning, we meet the Queen of Wands from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).

She's a cheerful vision in her red dress decorated with yellow sunflowers that have purple centres.  I also really like the five bright green leaves that decorate her hem.  In her right hand she holds a wand with three balls at the top, while her left waves another sunflower.  Behind her is a single candle, casting a gentle glow.

She seems both vital and wise.  The sunflowers indicate growth and a striving towards warmth and life.  Their purple centres speak of wisdom, as does the candle.  It may not be a deep wisdom like the Hermit's, but it is a life-affirming one! 

What will you strive for today?  What wisdom might you apply to this?  How can you reaffirm life today?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Complete Movement

©Fairchild & Paschkis
For this second day with the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002), we have a charming Eight of Wands.

A green wheel with eight spokes gives a sense of movement in the centre of the card, and at it's centre is a clock face.  Everything here suggests speed, moving fast.  And yet, the colour of the wheel and the little green leaves that sprout from some of the spokes also imply growth and harmony.  So, it's not just going with the flow, but positively progressing :)

What can you do today to get things moving?  How can you keep your calm in the eye of the storm?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Complete Hermit

©Fairchild & Paschkis
This week, I will use the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).  This is a mini-deck, which I found by chance in a little bookstore and couldn't resist, after seeing Magic Mentha blog with it over the years :)  Although RWS-based, it has funny, simplified, minimalist drawings on a black background, and is about the size of a Lenormand deck.

For this first draw, I pulled the Hermit.  Don't you just love this rather Zen character, with his simple green shirt and blue trousers, and the snail shell on his back!  He comes out of his shell to share with others, but always keeps the option to retreat and look inward open.  He seems wise and peaceful, living a simple life.  He stays present, in the moment, in moving or drinking or listening or seeeing.  He doesn't get distracted by busy thoughts, or pretty baubles.  Though he may enjoy the latter, they don't matter to him.

I find this character very appealing.  Like an Indian guru of old, I can imagine that just being in his presence would be restful and yet also uplifting.

Today, what you can you teach and what can you learn?  How could you spend some time "in your shell"?  What helps you feel calm and present?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Königsfurt's French Cartomancy

For this final day of Lennie Week, another traditional deck.  If you feel the cards look strangely familiar, that's because these are the same images as those in Lo Scarabeo's popular French Cartomancy deck, which are the Dondorf images created in 1890.  However, this version is printed by a German publisher with German verses, and comes in a set with a book from Harald Jösten :)

Birds + Bear + Snake
Here we have Birds (again), Bear and Snake.  Let's take a look at the verses.

Birds: "Oh, the Birds, they mean sorrow and troubles, but have no fear,  it won't last long."
Bear: "With the Bear beware to think before you speak, there is no lack of envious people."
Snake: "Whether near or far, the Snake is never gladly seen, as sooner or later she indicates betrayal."

If we just took the meanings from the verses, this might give us:

Worries about envy and betrayal because of something you said. 

Brainstorming with a broader set of meanings adds to that:

Forceful talk leads to betrayal.
Big worries about another woman.
Motherly concerns about women troubles.
Nutritional conversation takes time.
Phone call with your boss about delays and detours.

Certainly, there seems advice here to watch our language.  Whether we're talking to our mother or our boss (yep, the Bear is one of those cards that can go both ways), it's probably quite good advice to be careful of both what we say and how we say it.

What phone calls do you need to make today?  How can you prepare yourself ahead of time to be more diplomatic?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Schors

Today's deck is another traditional one, with both playing card inserts and verses in German.  It is the Lenormand Game (Schors, date unknown).  The link is actually to a version with Dutch verses, as I couldn't find where I'd gotten my German copy from *doh*

Lady + Key + Birds
So, what do the verses tell us today?  The Lady says: "For a Lady, this is the card.  For him, it is the woman who is waiting for him.  We wish the Lady a good life.  May she be surrounded by peace and happiness."

The Key gives us these lines: "The solution to the riddle is all here.  The Key opens every door.  When a question is gnawing at you, look what the Key says to you here."

And finally the Birds: "The Birds message brings much sadness, yet is of only short duration.  First, everything seems totally dreadful.  But before you know it, it's come to an end."

The Birds, in particular, generally have a broader and somewhat different interpretation in modern approaches.  It is often associated with phone calls, and from there with talk more generally, and gossip - talk that causes pain.  So, brainstorming these cards gets me:

A woman is sure to receive a phone call.
A woman unlocks something through talk.
A woman will certainly cause distress by gossiping.

In general, if you are a woman, the Lady card is seen as you.  However, there can be exceptions to it.  So, it's best to keep both options in mind.  Is it you or someone around you that this could refer to?

Are you waiting for a call, or could you be proactive and make that call?  How do you feel about gossip?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Wahrsage Karten

For the rest of this week, I thought we'd go with some very traditional Lenormand decks, all with verses on them (though the verses are in German, easier to ignore if you're not interested).  Today's deck is the Lenormand Wahrsagekarten (Königsfurt-Urania, 2003).  These cards also exist with the same images and verses in French...

Tree + Lily + Stork
One of the nice things about cards with verses is that they give some clues to interpretation, connected to other cards around them, or related to the distance method of reading (how close the cards are to the person cards in the spread - Gentleman and Lady).

According to the verse on the card, the Tree indicates health if it is far from the person card, sickness if close by!  And that all will be well if there are many trees together - a little hard as there is only one Tree card.  Perhaps it means if the Tree appears in multiple readings, or made multiple by the cards next to it, as traditionally the Birds, Whips, Paths and Clover all indicate two of something...

My translation of the Lily verse is: The Lily speaks of innocence, and a happy life's path, when Clouds are not nearby to create shadows.

And the Storks say: Change and movement are what the Stork promises, yet when it is far away, the situation will not change.

Still, for this three card reading I'll stick with my brainstormed meanings :)

Sexual health experiences changes.
Harmonious roots lead to positive change.
Peaceful growth brings a change to the family.

What I see here is a message that we grow best in peaceful situations, and that this allows us to flow with change, rather than banging up against it as an enemy.

What changes are you looking forward to, and which are you not so keen on?  How can you bring a little more peace to your life? 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Modern Minimalist Lenormand

Today's deck is another free on-line resource, this time from the talented Melissa Hill (the Sassy Sibyl).  With her Modern Minimalist Lenormand, you get exactly what it says.  The cards are grey, with simple dark grey images and black text.  Still, that is all you need for a reading, so let's go!

Modern Minimalist Lenormand ©Melissa Hill

I drew Lilies + Ring + Tree:

Commit to peace to ensure good health.
Partnership with an older man brings growth.
Commitment and passion together create strong roots.

The first of these I see as a recommendation to meditate, which is never a bad idea.  The second makes some sense to me on a personal level, but may not be relevant to anyone else.  The third, while generic, might still be useful.  Whether it be a relationship that you want to strengthen, or any other project that needs strong roots to flourish, committing and bringing passion to it are certainly key.

How can you bring passion into your life today?  How do you show your commitment?  What might grow from these?

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - White Owl

Weisse Eule
Tomorrow I'll showcase another free resource on-line, but today I wanted to go with a deck that takes tradition and adds a touch of colour to it: the White Owl (AGM-Urania, 2008).  There are various Blue and Red Owls, and it's good to check carefully before you buy, as some have playing card inserts, while others have verses in one of a number of languages.  Overall, I prefer playing card inserts.  Still, the verses can be fun in that they give some tips on how to read cards via the distance method, as well as giving base meanings right there on the card.  I'll show some decks with verses later this week...

Anyhow, the White Owl is always with playing card inserts, and has fun, funky colouring.  Both the Ship's sails and the Lilies are pink, the Storks are black, and the Paths has a multi-coloured signpost, to name but a few.  As for today's cards, we have Letter + Coffin + Whips.

Weisse Eule ©Regula Elizabeth Fiechter

The papertrail of an ending leads to difficult discussions.
Headaches over paperwork require a do-over.
Doctor's prescription: exercise!

Would exercise help clear your mind a bit today?  What paperwork needs doing, and what might lead you to have to do it twice?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Lisa Lenormand

As promised, today we have another free resource!  This is another deck by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd, the Lisa Lenormand :)  Once again created from public domain images, Lisa is happy for it to be downloaded and used with Orphalese, or in some other way, preferably with a link!

Lisa Lenormand
Today's cards are Ring + Fish + Ship.

Monetary commitment leads to foreign travel.
Committing to commerce brings trade opportunities.
An investment in partnership is part of my soul's journey.

What do you want to commit to today?  What costs might be involved?  And what might the opportunities be that come from it?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Deviled Ham Lenormand

To start off this fourth Lennie Week, I thought it would be nice to showcase a few free resources (yes, you read that right, these are free to download!)  The first of these is from the delightfully creative Lisa Frideborg Lloyd, and is her Deviled Ham Lenormand.  Follow the link for download information :)

Deviled Ham Lenormand
 The cards I drew were Fish + Coffin + Bouquet, and a little brainstorming gave me:

The end of consumerism is a gift.
Completed sales bring joy.
A death costs money, but is a gift. 

This last actually feels most relevant, though in a slightly altered form: an ending has a price, but is also a gift.  Any time that something in our lives comes to an end, it is hard to let go.  We so easily attach to things, even when they are imagined or emotional, rather than tangible.  Yet, when we release these desires, wishes, dreams, we open ourselves to the new, and the real.

What might you need to let go of?  How will this be hard?  What might you gain from a new perspective?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sideshow Pegs

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
For our last day with the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012), we have another card from the suit of Sticks (Wands).

A carnie walks around the outside of a large tent, carrying a bundle with six tent pegs.  A further four pegs are already in the ground, holding the tent in place.  The carnie also carries a large mallet, for driving the pegs into the hard earth.

This image reminds me that the Ten of Sticks/Wands isn't just about burdens, but also about responsibility.  It is hard work setting up the Sideshow tents, but vital to the show, even if the carnies themselves are never seen.  And if the pegs aren't driven in properly, if there aren't enough because the person responsible didn't want to carry more and bang them into place, then the tent could fall and people might get hurt.  With this card, although there is an aspect of knowing when to say no to more jobs, or knowing when to delegate, there is also the need to know when we just have to get on with the job, no matter how onerous.

What do you have to get done today?  Whom can you delegate to, and what is your responsibility?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sideshow Blades

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
On this Thursday in February, the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012) offers us another carnie show attraction: the Zig-Zag Girl (yep, it has an official name, who knew?!)

In this Three of Blades (Swords) we see a woman in a box, apparently being cut into quarters by three blades.  Yet she looks towards us, still smiling her Sideshow smile.  Once again there is an apparent gender power differential - it is a sly-looking man in a dodgy, spotted tie who wields the blades.  Here, though, we know there is no actual danger, that it is all "smoke and mirrors".

Connecting the imagery back to traditional meanings for the Three of Swords, at one level this may suggest a "fake-it-til-you-make-it" attitude to overcoming sorrow.  At a deeper level, perhaps it is a reminder that our pains and heartaches, too, are illusory.  Sometimes, they are quite literally all in our own minds.  Even when they have a real, tangible component, still, as the buddhists would point out, it is only our attachment to a particular outcome that makes us unhappy with what is.

What troubles do you face?  What aspect of them comes from your own thoughts?  How can you gain some perspective on your troubles today?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sideshow Pinhead

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
Today's card from the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012), is a pretty weird one!

Here we have the Pinhead of Bottles (Page of Cups).  Not only, as the name suggests, does he have a very small head compared to his body, but he is dressed in a pink, flowery dress!  (In fact, all the Pinheads appear to wear dresses).  He holds a bottle in his left hand, the other held up at a slightly odd angle, like an excited child.  Behind him is a Sideshow tent, and he looks off to the left of the card, with a big, goofy smile on his face and his eyes lit up.

What I see here, then, is an openness to emotional exploration, a joy in seeing what the world has to offer.  There is less soul-searching here than in traditional versions, but perhaps more happiness, more simple pleasure in life.

What emotions can you open yourself to today?  How can you find simple pleasure in life?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sideshow Ace

Sideshow Tarot
I always love when a deck shows us lots of its faces over the week.  We've had a Court card and a couple of Majors, now we get to see an Ace from the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012).

The Ace of Sticks (Wands) is a toffee apple on a stick, held up in front of a confection stand.  The toffee apple is red, for the fire element associated with wands.  I also like the fact that it's a stick which acts as a tool, both allowing the apple to be caramelised, and then to be eaten.  That fits well with the idea of projects, processes and doing, as well as desire and pleasure.  The symbolism of a stick penetrating an apple, symbol of the Goddess, is also not lost on me ;)

What might you make a start on today?  What tools would best help you?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sideshow Wheel

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
Today's card from the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012) is one of the (renamed) Majors.  Instead of the Wheel of Fortune, we have the Wheel of Death! :D

A man with a pirate's eyepatch over one eye holds six throwing blades in his left hand, and a small axe in his right.  In the background, a pretty, scantily-dressed woman is attached to a wheel with esoteric symbols on it.  There are already a number of blades around her body, and yet she looks pretty happy with life.

This is an interesting one!  The Wheel of Death is the fortune of these two Sideshow performers.  And yet, not only can the show make more or less money, or be cancelled from the bill entirely, but it can also go horribly wrong in an instant, bringing misfortune instead of fortune.

While the man trusts to his hand-eye co-ordination and his years of experience, making his own fortune, the woman is a pawn, with little she can do but smile and pray.  Though, perhaps, if she saw his hand was shaky, or smelled alcohol on his breath, she would choose not to go on...

How much do you feel in control of your destiny?  What can you do to influence your luck today?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sideshow Lord

Sideshow Tarot
Today we meet one of the Lords (or Kings) of the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012).  The Courts in this deck are unusual, being made up of Pinheads (Pages), Lionfaces (Knights), Ladies (Queens) and Lords (Kings).  The suits have also been renamed Sticks (Wands), Bottles (Cups), Blades (Swords) and (Pentacles).  All the Lords and Ladies are midgets, while the Pinheads and Lionfaces are exactly what their names say - all quite peculiar, but that's what the Sideshow is all about: the freaks and curiosities!

So, here we have the Lord of Bottles (King of Cups).  He leans up against what appears to be a huge, empty, greeen-glass bottle, with a circus tent in the background.  He looks a bit like a mafioso, and makes me think of the fact that in a Sideshow, many of the people would consider the others their family.  That would make this Lord of Bottles a patriarch, perhaps the one that others come to if they have something emotional bothering them, perhaps a fight with one of the other members...  They know he will always look after his own, and be open to solving emotional disputes in a fair and kind way.

Who are your "family"?  How do you relate to them?  How might you be of service today?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sideshow Banners

The Box
And inside
This week we have another quirky and slightly twisted, though far more colourful, self-published deck.  It is the Sideshow Tarot by Kyle Burles (2012).  The deck comes in a themed wooden box, which you can see here.  The cards don't have rounded corners, but are less sharp than some others.  Still, I intend to put my corner cutter to work, just haven't got round to it yet *tuts at own laziness*

©Kyle Burles

As for today's card, we have one of the Majors (all renamed): the Banner Line (the World).  Posters decorate an entire wall, proclaiming those who have made it to the top in the world of the sideshow.  I'm guessing this is like being a headliner on Broadway :)

So, a card of success, of having reached the top.  Yet, what comes next?  A bigger show?  A whole new challenge in a different arena?  Either way, it first behooves us to take some time to celebrate our 15 minutes of fame, even if it's just us raising a glass to ourselves!

What have you achieved?  How can you best celebrate it?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Imbolc Blog Hop

Yay, it's 2013, and we're back on the Tarot Blog Hop!  If you've hopped in from the beautiful Cosmic Whispers site, welcome, and if not, you could always hop back to check it out.  Or hop forward from the link at the end of this post...

For this time around, Aisling proposed the topic of Fire In the Belly.  This festival is also sometimes called Brighid's Day, and she has a triple aspect as Poet, Healer and Smith.  From that, I drew the inspiration for this spread to share with you all :)  The cards are from a trimmed copy of the DruidCraft Tarot (Connections, 2004).

©P&S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
1)  What is the fire in my belly?  Queen of Swords

This is rather a cerebral card for a fire of any kind!  Still, I read this is as saying that I'm brewing some ideas which focus on empathy and listening.  This Queen has her eyes closed, as if to hone her other senses more: she listens with the whole of her self.  She is also not quick to jump to judgement: her sword is held in both hands, rather than ready to strike.  And the tree behind her speaks of nurturing growth.

This all adds up to me spending time over the last ten days reworking my dissertation protocol for an MA in Psychotherapy.  I had to rewrite it, after a first draft that included the word "tarot" was summarily dismissed.  Now, I think I have found a focus that still looks at how we are influenced by images and can use them in healing, without any of the woo...  Sounds pretty much like a Queen of Swords project :)

©P&S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
2)  How can I express it symbolically?  Seven of Pentacles

Here, a green-cloaked figure harvests mistletoe.  This is something which can only be done in season, and which requires some patience and dedication.

Symbolically, I need to take my time in expressing this idea.  Hurrying will gain me nothing, and may lose me much in both time and energy.  I don't want to have to rewrite the proposal for a third time, better to dot all the i's and cross all the t's this time around!

©P&S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
3)  What does it have the power to heal?  6 of Swords

A woman rides in a boat, headed through still waters, taking ideas from the past with her.  Yet, she may well use them differently where she is going.  Perhaps this time the swords won't be used for war, but for chopping through deep undergrowth, carving out a new home for these travellers.

I'm hoping this proposal will be accepted.  That would heal the hurt of having been rejected the first time round.  It would also be a work of healing to research and write it, I believe.  This is something I truly believe in: the power of images to speak to our soul, and to help us understand ourselves better.

©P&S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
4)  How can I express it tangibly?  Five of Wands

Huh?!  Five young boys playfight in a meadow, while in the foreground a hen pecks away at some sand.  The hen is in fact Cerridwen, and the grain of sand she is eating is Gwion Bach, whom she then give birth to, transformed, as the famous poet and bard Taliesin.

Okay, I may need to fight for this idea!  Perhaps brainstorm with people who can help, and gather additional material from new sources.  Plus, I need to transform the old protocol, make it new and different, stronger and more focused.  I also need to actually birth it, to do the writing so it's ready to hand in.  No good having an idea if you don't communicate it!  Right, pen in hand, the lines of battle are clear...

I hope you'll give this spread a try, and would love to hear what you get.  Now, next stop on the blog hop is the ever-insightful Carla at Rowan Tarot...

Azathoth Victory

©Nemo's Locker
Looks like our Prince of Wands from Wednesday's post is back, and brought his adoring groupies with him :)  For this last day with the Book of Azathoth Tarot (Nemo's Locker, 2012), we have the Six of Wands.

A horned male sits astride his dragon mount, proudly riding to the right through a crowd of other demons.  The others in the crowd don't seem to be all that happy, though. 

Perhaps this says something about the dirty work that often goes on in the background to achieve any success.  Rarely does anyone truly achieve something entirely on their own.  For example, who cooks the food and cleans house for an important CEO, or keeps a footballer on the pitch through timely physio interventions?

What can you celebrate today?  Who has helped you in some way with your achievements?