Sunday, 31 March 2013

Napo Sword Brandisher

©Betty Lopez & Napo
Today we have another man in brown from the Napo Tarot (US Games, 1998).

This time, it is the Page of Swords who comes slicing towards us, brandishing what looks more like a dagger than a sword.  His outfit is reminiscent of the costumes in a film noir, dapper with its white scarf and trilby.  And there is something almost Picasso-esque about the lines that cut across both him and the strange landscape around him. 

It's as though the surroundings, and even the Page himself,  are unformed.  They need to be seen and processed by the Page's mind before becoming real.

An interesting perspective on perception and the power of the mind, which fits well with the Page.  He hasn't yet quite figured out what to do with all the information coming in, but cobbles it together as best he can, learning and polishing his understanding as he goes.  Of course, the film noir feel would also fit with traditional interpretations of this Page as a sneak and a spy...

How might your perception be distorting a situation you are troubled by?  What can you learn from your current experiences?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Napo Change

©Betty Lopez & Napo
This week's deck is the Napo Tarot (US Games, 1998).  With interesting blocky watercolour illustrations and Golden Dawn-based keywords in English and Spanish, it's traditional without being dull.

For today, we have the Two of Pentacles, with the title Change.  Front and centre is a man dressed in a mottled light brown shirt and matching boots, with darker brown ballooned trousers, a blue neckerchief, a brown hat, and a red cape.  He holds a large, golden pentacle in each hand, with geometric sun patterns on them.  As though magnetically connected, light shines from each pentacle towards its neighbour, forming a straight-lined version of the traditional lemniscate. The man stands on brown earth, with sea just behind him, and a divided sky: darker to the right, where the pentacle is held high.  His gaze goes up towards that pentacle, with a rather assessing look.

His clothes are neat and matching, yet muddied.  That, the keyword and his assessing look speak to me of having to cautiously weigh up options in the face of changing circumstances.

What options face you today?  How can you weigh up the pros and cons in a practical way?

Friday, 29 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Magical Lenormand

Today's deck is a rather more traditional one, once again from Germany.  The Magisches (Magical) Lenormand (Büttner Verlag, maybe 2010) is a friendly little deck, with playing card inserts that are oval, and little swirls at the sides with the numbers and copyright mark.

Magisches Lenormand
The reading, though, is a little less friendly: Coffin, Mountain, Moon.

A blocked ending affects reputation.
A long-lasting sickness you just can't get over leads to deep emotions.
Insurmountable mourning.

Thinking a little more empoweringly, perhaps the notion of blocking emotions around a painful ending or sickness might be a useful one.  While we cannot live in denial, sometimes it is useful to set our emotions aside for a while.

What emotions plague you?  How might you gain some respite today?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Rainbow

Another colourful deck today, though photographic as opposed to the bright drawings of Saturday's Indian Lenormand.  This German-published deck is rather reminiscent of Titania's Fortune Cards, and is called the Rainbow Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2012).

©Susanne Schöfer & Katrin Rosali Giza
As for today's cards, we have Fish, Cross, and Storks:

Money worries cause migration.
Troublesome finances lead to changes.
Faith in the flow of life allows us to adapt.
The burdens of alcoholism cause changes in the family.

A real mixed bag with today's cards, then.  Some phrases are practical, others more spiritual, and some just plain painful.

How can you adapt to changing circumstances today?  What single change might help you better manage your finances?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Postmark

On this chilly Wednesday morning, at least the Sun is out in Lenormand land ;)  Today's deck is the wonderful Postmark Lenormand (self-published, 2011) by the Sassy Sibyl, Melissa Hill.  Combining photos and drawings, it is a playful deck with a vintage feel.

Here we have the Lady, the Sun, and the Tree.  What can we draw from this?

A woman finds enduring happiness.
Clear intuition brings ancestral connection.
An energetic female is healthy.
A woman needs some D3 to stay healthy.
Receptivity and dynamism together are the formula for wholeness.

What can you do today to improve your health?  What would bring a lasting smile to your face?  How can you improve your mood today?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Dust Bunny

For this Tuesday morning, we have another lovely Lenormand deck from Marcia McCord, who also created the Off-Center Lenormand.  This one is the Dust Bunny Lenormand, and there's a hilarious explanation of how it got its name, which I sadly couldn't find in the time available to me today.  So, if anyone has the link...

©Marcia McCord
As for today's cards, we have Bear + Rider + Stars.  From that I get a very varied bag!

News from your boss provides a plan of action.
Message from your mother brings guidance.
Sports nutrition brings hope.

What can you do to improve your nutrition today?  And how can you make best use of any information that comes your way?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Kargoscha Lenormand

©Kargoscha & Bock
Today, we have an interesting Lenormand deck from Germany.  Authored by Ellaheh Kargoscha, and with artwork by Michael Bock, the Kargoscha Lenormand cards (self-published, 2009) have powerful, colourful images.

Here we have the Fox, the Moon and the Tree.  Riffing on these, I see:

Deceptive emotions affect health.
Instinctual emotions affect emotional health.
Ancestral lies affect reputation.
Emotional skills influence health.

How do you connect your emotions and your health?  What past indiscretions may affect your current reputation?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Day of the Dead

Child + Coffin + Paths
For this second day with lovely, self-published Lennie's, we have the Day of the Dead Lenormand by Edmund Zebrowski, who also authored Pixie's Astounding Mlle Lenormand Oracle.  Unfortunately, this colourful Lenormand deck themed around the Mexican Día de los Muertos is now out of print, though a few shops still have a copy or two...

Brainstorming from these cards gives me:

A new project ends before it has begun, bringing tough choices.
A sick child means decisions must be taken.
A drawn out ending leads to a turning point, will you dare the new?

It is often hard to let go of things, especially when we had high hopes for them.  However, sometimes we just have to face that the situation has changed, and accept that our lives will go in a different direction.

What do you need to let go of?  What choices lie before you?

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lennie Week 5 - Indian Lenormand

Ring + Birds + Lily
Yay, it's time for another Lennie Week :)  Once again, there are lots of fabulous Indie decks to delight us!  We'll start off with the Indian Lenormand (2013), by Margaret Letzkus.  This is a traditional, 36 card Lenormand deck, but with images taken from Indian culture.  Aren't the colours amazing?

Brainstorming keywords gives me:

Committing to talking brings harmony.
A spoken commitment to passion.
An older man is bound by nervousness.
Nervousness about committing to passion.

Some interesting sentences there, partly because of the very different possible interpretations of the Lily card - passion or purity, peace and harmony or an older man.  

What conversation/s do you need to have?  Who or what makes you nervous?  What would help you find passion or peace today?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wild Snake

©Kim Krans
I'm glad that, to end this week with the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012), we have one of this deck's Court cards. 

Each suit has a different bird or animal for its entire Court.  Snakes for Wands, Swans for Cups, Owls for Swords, and Deer for Pentacles.  They have also been renamed Daughter, Son, Mother and Father. 

The Son of Wands, then, is a snake curling up around a branch that seems to explode like a firework at its tip.  The black branch reaches straight up, and rays of white, gold and red light shine from its dark tip.  The snake, though, seems unfazed by this light display.  He curls up from the right back side of the branch, looping around to the left, and ending up looking right.  To me, he seems brave, forward-thinking and a little showy - a good representation of the Knight of Wands :)

What in your day could do with a bit of pizzaz?  What might you dare to show off today?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wild Voices

©Kim Krans
On this Thursday we meet a rather bleak-feeling card from the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012).

In this version of the Five of Wands we see five black branches scattered about the card.  Shaded lines spread out from either side of the branches, making them seem like the tops or bottoms of ridges or troughs.  The card corners are also full black, the darkness encroaching. 

What I see here is a number of counterpoints.  Like people standing up for their opinion, and influencing the area around them until they bump up against the next project or opinion :) In that way, it seems possible to link this card to traditional interpretations of competition.

How do you deal with differences of opinion?  What can you do today to make your voice heard?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Equinox Blog Hop

Equinoxes explained, courtesy of
Yippee, it's that time again: time to enjoy the plethora of different ideas and cards offered by the Tarot Blog Hop!

Whether you've come here from Christiana's Tarot Trends, though that might have to wait til later, due to a power outage, or just popped in for a browse, I hope you'll take a look at what's on offer on this fun ride around the global tarot community.

Our wrangler this time is Morgan Drake Eckstein, and you can hop back to him if Christiana's link is down.  You can also check his site here for the masterlist.  Anyhow, he proposed that, at this time when day and night balance out (well, they do all year round at the equator, but only at the equinoxes in parts of the world that are farther north or south - see image) we think about balance and ambivalence in our lives and our cards.  For me, that's the perfect excuse for a short-but-sweet spread, using the lovely ultra-trimmed DruidCraft Tarot (Connections, 2004).

©P & S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
1) What in my life am I ambivalent about right now? - Ten of Swords

Ha, well straight away we have one of those cards that most people don't really like getting!  What I take from this is that I am currently ambivalent about the idea of letting go, of giving up fighting.  On the one hand, I'd love to be able to stop and take a rest, to let go of some of the ideas spinning around my head.  On the other hand, I feel if I don't carry on I may lose something very precious, a new beginning that the Ten merely hints at.

©P & S Carr-Gomm, W. Worthington
2) What can I do about it? - Princess of Pentacles

What I can do about it is to approach these questions with practicality, but also a sense of curiosity.  Look at the way this Princess is examining her pentacle: she is down-to-earth, but also determined.  Some assessment is needed here, but always from a grounded perspective.  There's no point getting caught up in "what if's", I need to check what can actually be done, realistically.  And then get on with it ;)

Hope you'll give this quickie spread a go, too.  And in the meanwhile, please hop on over to Lynda of the The Cauldron Born :)

Wild Delineation

©Kim Krans
Today's card from the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012) follows directly on from yesterday's Three of Pentacles.

In the Four of Pentacles, we once again have black-etched Pentacles ringed around with brighter colours.  This time, though, they are also hemmed in by lines that cross around them, keeping the shading around them at bay.  In the centre, a few thin lines with a bit of colour along them.

Are these Pentacles locking something in, or keeping something else out?  They don't share any of their colour with the shaded area outside their little patch, and yet there is an emptiness at their centre. Overall, then, perhaps a good description of miserliness or clinging to resources because we feel we don't have enough.

What resources do you feel the need to protect?  What might you be shutting out of your life by not being more open?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wild Team

©Kim Krans
Another interesting card from the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012) greets us today.

This is the Three of Pentacles.  A huge mountain looms, dominating the card although in the background.  Meanwhile, in the foreground we see three colourful pentacles - etched in black but with red, blue and yellow painted around the main lines, and other colours being formed in the spaces between them.  The pentacles form a rather squat, downward pointing triangle.

I like the way the blue and yellow pentacles blend their colours on the line between them, forming green.  This speaks to me of combining forces, of melding the best that each of us can offer, hinting at the traditional "teamwork" interpretation of the card.  The mountain makes me think of the idea that together we can move mountains.  So, the ability to come together, to create something beautiful and powerful.

What are you working on at the moment?  What obstacles do you have to overcome?  How do others help you, whether directly or indirectly?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Wild Hermit

©Kim Krans
Hmm, a somewhat unusual start to this Monday morning, when most people head back to work for another week.  Today's card from the Wild Unknown Tarot by (Kim Krans, 2012) is the Hermit.

A turtle sits, tucked up inside its shell decorated with squarish whorls.  On top of the domed shell sits a gas lantern.  There is a quite peaceful air to this Hermit.  Also a suggestion of sharing the illumination with others, given the lantern is held high rather than being simply sat next to the turtle.

What I see here is structure, retreat, and illumination.   Perhaps a sense that, in order to find that illumination, we need a quiet space to just be.  And that giving structure to our quiet time is also of benefit.  This makes me think of the recommendation to try to meditate at the same time each day, if possible - creating a structure for our mindfulness practice.  Not that I always manage that, but I try :)

How can you make some time and space for your inner illumination today?  What can you share with others?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wild Socialising

©Kim Krans
Another charming card from the Wild Unknown Tarot (Kim Krans, 2012) graces our screens today. 

The Three of Cups is a much-beloved card, and this version is a beautiful addition to the archetype.  Three birds sit silhouetted in the sunshine, at either dusk or dawn.  They are turned towards each other, and the sun, as though enjoying a pleasant conversation in wonderful surroundings.  Behind them, on the ground, are three cups to illustrate the archetype, upright and in a neat little group.

This really works for me as a card of socialising, celebration and a supportive group of friends :)

Who has your back through thick and thin?  What do you have to celebrate today? 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wild Strength

©Kim Krans
This week's deck is the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans (self-published, 2012).  The deck is nature-based, with no people on the cards.

And what a beautiful card to start the week!  A lion stands under the golden rays of the sun, appearing to peer through dark undergrowth.  An infinity symbol graces his forehead, and he holds a white rose gently in his mouth.  That rose replaces the innocent maid calming a savage beast.  Instead, we have a noble creature, strong and proud, yet also with the tender softness to appreciate a rose and carry it without crushing it. 

This card depicts beautifully that sense of balancing fierce and gentle aspects within ourselves, or the need for a subtle use of the strength and power at our disposal.  We could also see it that the lion himself has chosen to tame his more brutal side, for a cause.

How can you find a good balance between ferocity and a softer approach?  What is worth you taming your wilder instincts to achieve?

Friday, 15 March 2013

LOA - Beach Bodies

©Roveda & Gabriella
For our last day with the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011), we have a card of which woley wrote a few years back in her review of this deck: "someone had too much sun before doing this one" ;D

I have to agree that, at first glance, this looks more like a scene from Spring Breakers or Baywatch (depending on your frame of reference) than like the Queen of Swords.  Two scantily-clad young women on a beach play tug-of-war with a short rope.  It's a beautiful day, with the sun shining through light clouds.  The redhead, whose expression we can see, looks very intent. 

Trying to dig a little deeper, we could see both figures as aspects of the Queen.  That would suggest she wrestles with ideas and tries to look at both sides of any question :)  Still, this doesn't really give a sense of the sharpness of wit or the deep empathy that I normally associate with this archetype. 

I guess another thing that the two figures might suggest is the more socially oriented side of the Queen of Swords.  She is not as isolated and as determined to be in the right as the King, making her more open to an exchange of ideas.  Altogether, not my favourite card in the deck, but I can work with it ;)

What idea or situation might you need to analyse today?  Would bouncing ideas off someone else help?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

LOA - Leader

©Roveda & Gabriella
For some reason, today's card from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011) makes me think of Marlon Brando in the Godfather!

This King of Wands is an older man, sitting back in an armchair, only partially lit by a standing lamp at his side.  Smoke rises in front of him, and he looks relaxed and yet very aware.  Behind him, large windows give onto a woodland scene, and there are bookcases filled with leather-bound tomes off to one side.

I normally think of the King of Wands as rather more dynamic than this.  And yet, in our modern world, you don't need to be racing around to be active and get lots done.  Perhaps, Godfather-like, he is pulling strings both on stage and behind the scenes.  Or maybe there is a computer on a desk on the other side of the room, from which he manages a business empire :)

Enchantment and empowerment, myth and modernity, whimsy and wisdom, all can mingle creatively and dynamically.  One good example I saw recently is Arwen's new Fairytale Spreads ebook, with illustrations by Lisa Hunt.  While I'm not sure I see Arwen as a King of Wands, certainly she has the passion and drive he shows, as well as the creativity.  Perhaps it's my gender biases that lead me to see her as a Queen of Wands, though I think it's more the fact that she has so much empathy and focus on others thrown into all that energy and drive :)

What, then, does the King of Wands suggest today?  That we set a goal and go for it, perhaps.  That we be willing to take the lead on a project that inspires us.  That we make tough calls for the good of what we value.

What can you take a step further today?  How can you best achieve your goals? 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

LOA - Lost

©Roveda & Gabriella
Today's card from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011) is once again not exactly obvious following traditional notions.

In this version of the Two of Pentacles we see a couple of people who seem rather lost.  Above them are road signs, yet we can't make out what they say.  Thinking about this in terms of traditional meanings of finding balance in our lives, I guess prioritising is about deciding which direction we want to go in. 

Still, this card seems open to a lot of other interpretations, too.  For example, it makes me think of being lost, as well as of being on holiday or even on a business trip someplace I don't know.  A keyword for this card could be uncertainty, rather than direction.  Which makes me think that, unlike the stereotype of a male driver, when I'm lost or uncertain I tend to ask for help.  And perhaps, coming back to balance, when we're unsure of where our life priorities should be, we could also ask for help or suggestions.  Not that we have to take them, but it can be useful to get a different perspective.

What different directions are you drawn in today?  Who might help you decide which path to take?  How can you balance advice and your own intuition?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

LOA - Union

©Roveda & Gabriella
Another interesting card today from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

What I see here is a crowd of people, perhaps angry, perhaps celebrating.  Traditionally, the Ten of Wands is to do with responsibility and being overwhelmed by work or a task.  Taking that as a starting point, I see them as a union crowd fighting a behemoth in the form of the company that runs the huge tanker in front of them.  Yet this image allows many other readings, too.  For example, they could be a crowd celebrating the arrival of the tanker, which brings work and goods to the port.  

What jobs do you have to do today?  How might you get some help from others around you?

Monday, 11 March 2013

LOA - Nightmare

©Roveda & Gabriella
Oh my, this is a strangely powerful card from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

It's pretty far from the traditional image of someone in bed, waking from nightmares, that's for sure!  Instead, we have a dejected-looking man in office-drone attire standing to one side.  Towering over him on his right is a man in casual clothes and chaps, looking down and pointing at him with a mocking smile on his face.  Come to think of it, it is rather a scene from a nightmare.  The only thing that's missing is to have forgotten to put on his trousers ;)

While this card gives me less a sense of insomnia than the traditional concept, it still speaks of attacking ideas circling round in our head, making us feel unhappy.  Worrying that we're not good enough, that we aren't up to the job, whatever the job happens to be.

Still, the unrealistic size difference between the two men is a pictorial reminder that these ideas and worries aren't real: they are our own imaginings.  If we were to actually face that giant, we'd find he's not really so tall...

What ideas are bothering you today?  How might you get a different perspective on them?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

LOA - Hanged Man

©Roveda & Gabrielli
For this second day with the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011), we have another Major: the Hanged Man.

This is a rather unusual depiction, as we have here a man walking a tightrope between buildings, rather than suspended upside down.  It still doesn't seem like a particularly comfortable or easy place to be, and yet at least he can move under his own steam.  Nevertheless, the path he must follow is a narrow one, with no choices, and plenty of risks. 

There is still a sense of restriction, then, and also that aspect of seeing the world from a different perspective.  And we might ask what led him to this precarious position?  Is it a sacrifice willingly entered upon, or something he has been forced into by circumstances?

What path must you walk today, whether willingly or unwillingly?  What new perspective might you gain?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

LOA - Meditation

©Roveda & Gabrielli
This week, I'll be drawing from the Law of Attraction Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).  I've had this deck for nearly two years, and did a reading with it back in 2011, so I'm not sure why I never got round to blogging with it. Better late than never ;)

For this first draw we have the beautiful Star card.  A naked woman sits in lotus pose with her back to us. In front of her a brilliant star shines down from the heavens, seeming to part the clouds with its light.  The woman is sat on huge flowers, or perhaps she is tiny.  Certainly, that is the way meditating on the stars often makes me feel!

I see here traditional ideas of finding hope and guidance, as well as of being willing to open ourselves and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  The card also seems to suggest a way to find that hope and guidance: meditation.

What brings you hope in hard times? How can you best listen to the guidance of spirit? What might help you open to new possibilities?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Alphabet of Beginnings

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
For our last day with the Alphabet for Lovers, another rather surreal card that seems to bring up more questions than answers.

Here we have card 1, first aspect of Aleph, and subtitled: "A new page in the relationship".  There is something both sweet and creepy about the image.  It looks as though this couple are plugged into one another.  Does that mean they are in tune, understanding and respecting each other?  Or might it indicate codependency, an excessive attachment and over-monitoring of one another? 

And what's with the strange trumpet-headed bird on the man's shoulder?  Is he full of himself, blowing his own trumpet?  Or is the bird issuing a warning of some kind?

The subtitle suggests that there is a new beginning possible here.  Is that because there is a new closeness, a new understanding through tuning in to one another?

And what if it is our Higher Self, the inner aspect of the divine, that we are plugged into?  Does that then make the bird a messenger, an angel?

What are you most often plugged into, and do you feel it serves you well?  How could you connect more with spirit today?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Alphabet of Connection

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
Although this week's deck, the Alphabet for Lovers, is aimed particularly at people wanting answers on questions of love and romance, I've been impressed by how much it speaks to other themes, too.  As I see it, most of the important stuff in our lives is about how we interact with others and ourselves, how we relate to people, animals, spirit, and our inner being.  And so, these cards which speak to relationships, can be used for any aspect of our lives - work, spirituality, self-exploration.

For example, today's card, 11, subtitled: "Bonds to the Ground" shows two people tending a beautiful, exotic garden.  They are working in unison, doing something positive for the environment, and creating beauty at the same time.  This could easily be interpreted in the light of work projects, environmentalism, or spirituality, as well as in terms of a romantic relationship!

One thing this makes me think of today is people coming together in a beautiful and creative endeavour.  Something I think would qualify is this Kickstarter campaign, by Monica Knighton, creator of the Stolen Child Tarot.  And in terms of being grounded, the price she's asking for a deck is not in "special edition" territory - only $24!

How can you support your local environment today?  What can you help create?  Who inspires you?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alphabet of Nonsense

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
It's fascinating, how different my intuitive take on some of the images in the Alphabet for Lovers is to the subtitles the author has given them!

Today's card, for instance, is subtitled: "Pettiness and dealing with nonsense."  It is number 29, associated with the letter Yod, as was yesterday's card.  In it, we see a man and a woman both diligently working on something floating between them.  There is a candle at the top, which the woman may have just lit, and under it an orange, egg-shaped structure, which the man appears to be peeling open.

My first response to this card was quite positive.  These people are different (they're not wearing matching outfits) and yet they are able to work together, in harmony.  However, the companion book suggests that the couple are overly focused on petty details, rather than seeing the big picture.  Additionally, it suggests taking on things which are none of your business - perhaps it is the woman's candle, and the man is undermining her efforts.  So, a card which allows for many different perspectives!

Today, are you working in harmony?  Or are you getting trapped in the details?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Alphabet of Coincidence

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
Today's card from the Alphabet for Lovers makes a pretty big claim!  The subtitle for card 28 (the first aspect of Yod) is: "The small point where everything starts."

On it we see a couple, each behind what look like riot shields, and wearing blue helmets and clothes.  I'm guessing, though, that the protective shields are meant to be seen in a more scientific light.  In between the two people floats a flaming shape within a bubble.  I think it's a three-dimensional version of the Star of David, but I have no idea what it's called (any ideas, please comment!)  They appear to be floating on clouds, themselves, with a rather brown, amorphous landscape behind them.

It seems like they are watching a version of the original Big Bang, though I think I'd want rather better protection in that case.  Either way, this is a card of new beginnings, of the magic of everyday life.  It reminds me a little of an old song: "Children of Coincidence" by Dory Previn (it's too old to appear on youtube, sorry).  The song talks of all the tiny coincidences that go into making up our lives "If you hadn't made that left hand turn, if I hadn't made a right..."  So too, here, this is a card of potential, of the wonder of what might be...

What new beginning might you make today?  What coincidences have changed your life?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Alphabet of Change

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
It's interesting how varied these Alphabet for Lovers cards are, despite all having a couple on them.

On today's card we have a man and woman wearing matching brown clothes and grey-and-white hats, though with slightly different trim.  They are close together, almost touching, and yet separated by a net.  Moreover, while the man is looking either at the woman or at her hat (which he seems to reach towards), the woman is looking at the flower he holds above his head.  My first impression is one of trying to come together, and yet being kept apart by something, perhaps in part due to our own interests and our preconceptions or ideas.

Yet the card is numbered 60, the first aspect of Kof, and is subtitled "Coming together and changes for the better".  It's true that they are approaching each other, even if still separated by the fine net.  And also true that they both seem to be reaching for something, seeking.  Both of these attitudes, of approach and seeking, are positives in a relationship and more generally.  At least they aren't stuck, they are trying to get closer and to find something new and better.

What can you do today to feel closer to someone in your life?  What change can you seek to encourage?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alphabet of Healing

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
Today's card from the Alphabet for Lovers is a curious one.  Subtitled "Opening, healing and salvation" it is number 52, it is the first expression of the Hebrew letter Peh.

In the image a mainly naked man with his eyes covered by a striped cloth stands to one side, while a woman wearing a white dress with a red head scarf approaches him with a red shirt and boxers on hangars.  She stands under a tree, while behind him we can see a lake or seashore.

I'm not sure I'd really count a new set of clothes as being the source of salvation or healing, nor can I imagine that getting dressed counts as in any way opening yourself.  Nevertheless, there is something about the path to healing being one of balance.  This couple are at extremes - earth and water, clothed and naked, seeing and blind, giving and receiving.  If they can come together and balance one another, this could be a path to healing and salvation for them both.

The companion book also speaks of the importance of communication, which is certainly a good message if we want to open ourselves to those around us...

Who in your life helps balance you?  What do you need to heal today?  How might you better communicate?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Alphabet of Intimacy

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
This week I'll be drawing from a rather different deck, neither tarot nor Lenormand.  This oracle, by Orna Ben-Shoshan, has artwork similar to that in the Tokens of Light, which I blogged with last year.  The cards of the Alphabet for Lovers are also similar in their size (these are a little larger), and in having writing on the back of the cards, as well as the focus on the Hebrew alphabet.  This time, though, the theme is love, shown by every card image including a couple, and by the heart shape of the cards.

For this first draw, I pulled card 58, the third aspect of Tzadi.  The card is subtitled "Disregarding emotions, fear of intimacy".  On it, there is a couple, both in pointy brown hats.  Yet, they don't look at each other. The woman sits on a chaise longue with a sad expression on her face, and reaches down to something on the floor.  The man, facing in the opposite direction, is pulling on a thick, orange ribbon. 

It's an interesting combination, disregarding emotions and fear of intimacy.  I see the two being related: when we are afraid of intimacy, we tend to disregard emotions, both our own and those of the people around us.  After all, if we deny the emotions present, we can more easily distance ourselves from the people expressing or eliciting them.  These people, then, are keeping busy, each in their own way.  And so they go about their own pursuits, too busy to feel or to have time for the other.

What emotions are you denying?  What do you use to mask a sense of loneliness?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Simply Magic

©Bayless & Battersby
For our last day with the aptly named Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) we have another Major: the Magician.

A somewhat androgynous figure sits at a wooden table with hir back to us.  In front of them are an athame, a pen, a book of spells, a lit candle, a glass with some water, a smoking stick of incense in a burner, and a plate with what might be earth, or cookie crumbs ;)  To hir right are an orange flower in a green vase, and a small bowl of crystals, while under the table to hir left is a bonsai tree in fruit.  The figure wears a dark blue hooded robe decorated with pentacles.  This is a far more everyday, pagan representation of a magick worker than the traditional RWS image.  The elements are represented in a more primal form than with the suit instruments, and the pen and alternatively named 'Best Life Spell' book are a nod to the importance of journaling and spell casting.

I love the fact that, while the mundane is very present on the table and below it, above it we see a colourfully glittering starscape.  Spirit and wonder above, grounded, practical reality below, united around the figure of the Magician.

This card, though colourful and playful, very clearly speaks to the archetype of the Magician.  It focuses both on manifesting our will and on bringing spirit into the world.

What do you wish to create today?  What resources do you need for this?  How will your creation bring spirit into manifestation?