Blog Hop Spreads Year One

Litha 2012

Celebrating the Sunrise Spread

1)  What is at its high point right now? 
2)  What do we need to prepare for?   

Samhain 2012

TABI's Shadow Spread

This is based on the inner part of the Celtic Cross.  The positions are:

1) What is my shadow?
2) Where did it come from?
3) What deep energy fuels it?
4) What wisdom can I learn from it?
5) What can I do to work on it?


Yule 2012

TABI's Christmas Tree Spread

       5      6
   2      3      4

1) What will support me during the holidays?

2+3+4) Presents: What are the gifts of this time?

5+6) Baubles: How can I bring colour and brightness to the festivities?

7)The Angel - What pure intent should I hold onto? 

Imbolc 2013

Brigid's Sacred Fire Spread
1)  What is the fire in my belly? 
2)  How can I express it symbolically?
3)  What does it have the power to heal?
4)  How can I express it tangibly?   

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