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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Isabel's Dream

For today, I thought we'd return to something more colourful and traditional, with playing card inserts in the German fashion (B is for Bube, equivalent to Jack; D is for Dame, Queen (actually Lady); K is König, King).  These cards are from Isabel's Traum (Büttner Verlag, 2006), a lovely deck by a German artist, Isabel Krsnic, originally born in Peru.  The deck is available through, though within Europe it's also available direct from the publishers (see link).  Although the artwork is done on computer, it has a rather "painted" feel to it, and a lot of movement and texture.

Isabel's Traum ©Isabel Krsnic

So, to today's draw: we have Child, Letter and Bear.

Superficial naivety hides inner strength.
A letter about a child brings out protectiveness.
Feeling flat about a new project, it needs an injection of fierce energy.

The last of these feels meaningful.  Perhaps not so much that a new project leaves us flat, but certainly as we head towards February, many people seem to be feeling a bit listless.  So, maybe it's the new year that is leaving us flat...

Do you just feel like hibernating?  What could you do to tap into your strength and ferocity?